Thursday, June 21, 2007

Apoligies for my absence: I've had ... difficulties.

This is the text of a talk I am delivering this evening, 21st June 2007.

Murder rates

Brit natives/non-Brits

In Britain

The idea for this talk, and the basic numbers, were given to me by a man on the internet who uses the screen-name “alanorei”. Thank you alan.

Let’s take a look at some of the murders in this country for the two and a half years from January 2005 up until two weeks ago when PC Henry was murdered in Luton (by an illegal immigrant from Nigeria).

It must first be said that the majority of murders in Britain are of non-Brits by non-Brits, and of Brits by Brits. Apart from the sheer rate at which non-Brits are murdering each other compared to their overall numbers, these two sets of figures are uncontroversial. Throughout human history people have murdered each other. We can make an issue about the prevalence of gun crime these days, or about how murder numbers have climbed since the death penalty was abolished, but on the whole these are murders that are entirely independent of the issue of immigration – the Brit/Brit murders would have happened anyway, and what non-Brits do to each other is no concern of ours other than how it impinges on our sense of personal security, and breaks our law, and so need not concern us in this particular exercise.

What we’re looking at here is the murder of native Brits by non-Brits, and non-Brits by native Brits. These are murders that need not happen or have happened. Entirely avoidable.

By non-Brits I mean all of those people who either came here from abroad themselves or are descended from such people. I go back two generations, or 60 years, in this definition. 60 years ago is when immigration in large numbers started. Now it must be conceded that the vast majority of these people are well-behaved, law-abiding people who just want to get on with their – now vastly improved – lives. We have to concede that because it’s a fact; but there’s a good question attached to that fact: when they turn up on our border, how do we tell which are the well-behaved ones, and why should we take an unneccessary chance with any of them? What’s also a fact is that their psychology developed in different cultures, and is therefore very different from ours. What is common-sense to them may be outrageous to us, and vice-versa. By way of example let’s take a look at Somalia: Somalia has been an anarchic country riven by lethal, armed, violence for over thirty years. Most of the Somali immigrants we are getting into this country grew up in that violence. While growing up, it became common-sense to them that if you were challenged by anyone, it would probably enhance your chances of survival if you just pulled out a gun and blew the challengers away. That’s just a fact of Somali life for the past thirty years, and is now deeply embedded in their psychology; or common sense, if you like. But when they come here, they don’t leave their psychology behind and pick up a new, British, psychology when they arrive on our shores. This is the same for anyone from anywhere. They bring their old psychology with them. And so we end up with policewomen, who have challenged a gang of armed Somalis getting murdered and seriously injured in Leeds/Bradford.

If a culture is particularly murderously inclined, then the people who are born into and grow up in that culture are themselves likely to be murderously inclined; certainly more so than if they had grown up in a peacefully inclined culture. The reasons for the murderous inclinations of a culture are irrelevant.

What we’re going to look at here tonight are the totally unneccessary losses of life - murders: the murders of native Brits by non-Brits, and of non-Brits by native Brits. These are murders that would never have happened to our people and theirs had the non-Brits just stayed where they came from. We are also going to look at the rate at which they are murdering us, and thus by implication the rate at which we are murdering them as compared to our relative numbers in the overall population of our country. Are we murdering them disproportionately, or are they murdering us disproportionately. Disproportionately to our numbers relative to each other that is.

Some of the numbers I’m about to use are exact, and one is – necessarily – an approximation; but a fairly accurate approximation. Any error in the approximation is on the side of caution and favours the non-Brit population. I will demonstrate later why this approximation favours non-Brits

First the approximation:

The population of Britain comprises 86% native Brits, and 14% non-Brits (defined earlier). That means that for every one non-Brit of all kinds in Britain there are six native Brits. It follows from that, that if immigrants and Brits are murdering each other at equal rates, then for every one murder of a Brit by an immigrant there should be six murders of immigrants by Brits. That would make us equally lethal towards each other.

Is this what the numbers say? Hardly.

For the two and a half years from January 2005 up until the beginning of this month, June 2007, exactly 8 non-Brits of all kinds have been murdered by native Brits. So to be approximately equal in our rates of murdering each other, just one – or perhaps two – native Brits should have been murdered by non-Brits. What is the actual number of native Brits murdered by non-Brits in this time: one? two? Well no actually, it’s 123.

If we look at it the other way around: as 123 native Brits have been murdered by non-Brits in that two and a half years, then to maintain proportionality in our rates of murdering each other, according to our numbers in the population, we should have murdered 123 (murder of Brits by non-Brits) x 6 (number of times by which Brits outnumber non-Brits in the population) = 738 non-Brits.

Instead : 8.

What we can use these numbers for is as a measure of the murderous inclination of one culture against the aggregate of all the other cultures in our wonderfully culturally-enriched multicultural society. That is, how murderously inclined are we as a people/culture compared to the aggregate of all the other peoples/cultures present here?

We can answer this by looking at how many times more likely is it that you, as a native Brit, are likely to be murdered by a non-Brit, in your own country, than a non-Brit is likely to be murdered by you?

To maintain proportionality with the actual murder number for Brits by non-Brits, we should have murdered 738 of them. In actual fact we murdered 8. So you are

738 (proportional number)/8 (actual number) = 92.25 times more likely to be murdered by a non-Brit than a non-Brit is likely to be murdered by you. Using the standard rule in mathematics (below .5, go to the next whole number down; .5 and above, go to the next whole number up),let’s call that a straight 92.

You are 92 times more likely to be murdered by a non-Brit, here in your own country, than a non-Brit is likely to be murdered by you.

Let’s approach it the other way around and see what the numbers tell us.

We murdered 8 of them. To maintain proportionality with relative numbers in the population, they should have murdered 8/6 = 1.33 (recurring) of us. They actually murdered 123 of us. So their rate of murdering us is 123/1.33 = 92.48 times our rate of murdering them (the slight difference is caused by the recurrence). Again, by the same mathematical rules, this comes out as a straight 92.

There doesn’t seem to be much doubt about it: non-Brits – in Britain – are murdering Brits at a rate 92 times higher than Brits are murdering non-Brits.

We can translate that number into a measure of the murderous inclinations of our people/culture as against the murderous inclinations of the aggregate of all the other people/cultures present here:

The aggregate of the other peoples/cultures present here is 92 times more murderously inclined than is our own people/culture.

Why are we letting them in? Is this what politicians and media mean by “Enrichment”? That is: our lives are now far more exciting due to the increased – and as more and more are entering the country at a rate of one a minute, increasing - risk of being murdered since we became multicultural? Therefore more enriched because more exciting?

Of course, this minor study takes no account of other crimes such as rape, paedophilia, grooming, robbery with violence (mugging), etc. Be nice if the authorities published nationality/race/culture statistics for all these other crimes …

I suppose it should be possible to pin down exactly which peoples/cultures are the really dangerous ones. After all, there are plenty of Germans, French, Dutch, Australians, Chinese, Hindu and Sikh Indians, etc here, but they don’t seem to be much in the news for murdering (etc) Brits. If that breakdown was done, then we could remove them from percentages of native Brits to non-Brits and that way get a truer (and far far higher) measure of which are the most murerously inclined peoples/cultures that are being allowed to settle amongst us, and prey on us.

Now then, I said my population percentage estimate was being generous to immigrants, and promised to explain why. Well, the higher the estimate for the percentage of non-Brits here, the lower the figure comes out for how murderously inclined their peoples/cultures are relative to ours. I’ll demonstrate:

I used the figures 86% - 14%, which meant there were 6 times more Brits than non-Brits. Suppose I had used the figures 90% - 10%, which is closer to what the multiculturalists claim in an effort to convince us there’s no immigration problem. Well, that would mean that there are 9 Brits here for every 1 non-Brit. So, to maintain proportionality relative to numbers, to be equally murderously inclined, Brits would have had to have murdered 123 x 9 = 1107 non-Brits in that two and a half years. Brits actually murdered 8, so non-Brits would be murdering Brits at 1107/8 = 138.375 times the rate at which Brits would be murdering non-Brits. Therefore the murderous inclination of the aggregate of the non-Brit people/cultures here in Britain would be 138 (mathematical rule) times worse than that of the native Brit people/culture.

So you see, when the multiculturalists try to allay our fears by claiming the percentage of non-Brits is lower, then in actual fact they are increasing our fears by telling us that these other cultures are even more murderously inclined than we already know they are.

Take care on your way home tonight.

Next post, within two or three weeks, will be an update on Muslim terror attacks worldwide.


Blogger Aberdeen-Patriot said...

Brill site drop onto my one and let me know if you want to link up

10:08 PM  
Blogger BRITNEY BRITISH said...

Excellent SHM.

Why is it the great British public has been brainwashed into believing passport control somehow wipes out the past from the minds of immigrants and replaces it with a British mentality?

Some say by 6 months a mentality is pretty much set for life. The formative years will certainly compound that mentality. How can that training be eradicated by a British passport? It can't, or at least not for a very long time and after a very good level of intigration, which we know isn't happening with certain elements of the immigrant population.

My good old fashioned British mentality was not only formed during my lifetime. It has developed over generations. I am just the product of many people before me. Immigrants are the product of the people who went before them and not of their recent months or years in Britain.

The expression 'Cloud Cuckoo Land' comes to mind when I picture Tony Blair's cheesy grin during a speech about multiculturalism.

6:29 AM  
Blogger John Sobieski said...

Pretty shocking. I wonder if the US is as bad or worse.

3:39 AM  
Blogger Ronbo said...

Suffer little children

I notice that many British tourists who visit Orlando also visit our gun shops and look with longing at the firearms displayed their that they cannot legally own.

Of course, Britons cannot buy guns directly from those gunshops...However (I love "however!") nothing in our state gun law says that a private citizens such as myself cannot sell a Briton a legal firearm. I mean how would I know the individual wanting to buy my gun is not an American citizen? We have many thousands British-Americans living in Central Florida, so a British accent would be a "give-away."

The next step would be to conceal the gun and ammunition in the checked baggage. This can be done in any number of clever ways with tips available on the Internet.

Then the day after arrival back in Britain you go to work, shopping and recreation secure in the knowledge that if a Yahoo pulls a knife on you, you have the means to defend yourself with lethal force.

The 9mm 15 round Beretta with hollow point ammunition is a favorite concealed for many Americans.


The legal issue afterwards: "Better to be tried by 12 than murdered by one."

*Note to Sir Henry Morgan: Hey Mate! The next time you visit Orlando, I'll sell you my 9mm Beretta for one dollar. After all, friends don't let friends walk around naked in public.

1:07 PM  
Blogger Ronbo said...

And hello Britney!

Nice to see you posting here!

Sir Henry: I'm wondering if you could post this article on my blog? As you are aware, no doubt, I could make you a team member and you could post directly.

If interested, please Email me at

In regards to the recent almost Muslim terrorist attack in London and the real one in Scotland -- As always America stands with her Mother Country! "We few, we happy few, we band of brothers..."

Gordon Brown and Labour may want to leave the war, but the war won't leave Britain until the Muslims there are crushed with an iron fist.

Cheers, Ronbo -- The American Nationalist

1:25 PM  
Blogger Sir Henry Morgan said...

John Sobieski

Apparently, the U.S. is not quite as bad. I don't know if it's worse regarding murders, specifically - but in the category "violent crime", in America it seems a white American is 62 times more likely to be subjected to violence by a black American, than a black American by a white American (Hispanics are classed as white). The study concerned is not an immigrant/native split, but rather a black/white split. As you'll understand, it's difficult to do an immigrant/native split in America because you would end up with a tiny number for the indigenous population and a massive number for immigrant. I don't wish to appear as if I'm simply wiping the indigenous population out of the picture, but essentially America is a nation of immigrants, at root.

The study establishing this is not my work, but I will be posting it here provided the person (an acedemic)I've asked to check the statistical calculations tells me they're ok. I already have the permission of the originator of the study.

11:41 AM  
Blogger Sir Henry Morgan said...


I'l email you tonight.

About the article: I have a short PS to add to it. And if you see my reply to John Sobieski above, you'll know that I have a similar, but more comprehensive, article on the same lines about black/white-white/black violence in the U.S.

I'll put together a file with both articles together and email it to you as an attachment. Then you can put them up together as a single post.

I just have to wait for the all-clear on the statistics. Anyway - email tonight (afternoon to you).

11:58 AM  
Blogger Neil Harding said...

Apart from the outrageous racist ideology of this post that focuses only on the negative aspects of immigrants, I will however ignore this and just point out some statistical basics you have overlooked.

Your 8 to 123 murder rate ignores the following factors that would mean your comparison is a distorted one.

Social Class: i.e the fact most immigrants are at the lower end where amongst the indigenous (however you want to define this) the murder rate is also higher.

Demography: Immigrants are much more of the age when murders occur (they are much younger than the general population) so this would also skew the results.

Random Murders - which cross-race murders tend to be: by your definition should be expected to be 84% indigenous victims at least! It is obviously much harder to find a smaller group. This 6:1 ratio of yours is totally misleading and fallacious.

There are other logical inaccuracies but I will leave it at that for now.

12:54 PM  
Blogger Sir Henry Morgan said...

No, please do get back to me.

Incidentally: I was married nearly a quarter-century to a South Asian woman; my one and only child in this world is half-Asian.

Do you suppose I'm a racist?

Go and read these. It's all from America, but that makes no difference to the general argument.

You might also like to list the benefits you mentioned? I can't see any from down here at the bottom of the social heap.

Perhaps you might care to explain as part of that how it benefits a country to raise its population to the 70 million projected within the next ten years, when in 1941 we were almost starved into submission with a population of only 30 million, noting, while you do so, that to house the extra millions since 1941 we've had to reduce the land available to agriculture by building housing for all these extra people. Don't mention all the agricultural productivity increases since then, because they are crucially dependent on there being a ready supply of oil - and not just for things like tractors where an oil substitute may (or then again may not - as the only apparently viable method involves taking even more land out of food production) be developed. Much fertiliser is oil-based.

Do you live in Tower Hamlets, Newham, Oldham, or any similar place? Do your children attend an inner-city comprehensive school?
Do you have the slightest clue from personal experience about the experience of living in a heavily 'enriched' area?

Do you dispute my basic numbers? Numbers which have, in the three weeks since I posted been made even worse by the murder of indigenes by migrants, but not made worse in the other direction.

5:58 PM  
Blogger Sir Henry Morgan said...

1941 population 38 million - it was a typo

7:13 PM  
Blogger ENGLISHMAN said...

Glad that you are back, sir henry.There are American studies of this subject, and they produce the same alarming statistics,but after all this is the general thrust of government policies to destroy us and our nation, the only question is will we let them?
Terra mutata non mutat mores.

3:34 PM  
Blogger Sir Henry Morgan said...

Englishman. So nice to hear from you.
And thank you for your kind words.

I'm aware of the American studies in this area - indeed, have downloaded a lot of it.

I think you will find a lot to interest you if you go here:

Click 'Fred Columns', and then scroll through clicking on any that take your fancy - there will be many: I've spent whole days reading them. Also click on 'Links'. When the new page comes up, click on Griffe de Lion. Then scroll down until you reach 'Crime in the Hood', near the bottom. Very very enlightening indeed.

Go enjoy yourself.

In 'Fred Columns', I can especially recommend column number 295, "Paris Burns". You will thoroughly enjoy it. Well, you wont, but you know what I mean. Fred writes some of the most wonderfully sardonic prose you will ever encounter on the Web, and I doubt you'll find anything much that you will disagree with. And that's only one column out of nearly 400 - almost all as enjoyable in their way.

Anyway, dip into a few of them as the titles catch your eye - you may not resurface for several days.

6:30 PM  
Blogger alanorei said...

Neil Harding said...
Apart from the outrageous racist ideology of this post that focuses only on the negative aspects of immigrants, I will however ignore this and just point out some statistical basics you have overlooked.

Whatever the reasons - and they amount to little more than excuses - the victims are DEAD.

And non-Britons killed them in hugely disproportionate numbers.

You should not overlook those salient facts.

Basically, all your 'reasons' demonstrate is that treacherous national leaders are permitting an unrestricted foreign invasion that has shown itself to be a lethal menace to the settled indigenous white population of these isles.

I, too, would be interested to know of the 'benefits' of multi-cultism.

6:04 PM  
Blogger Belisarius said...

Good number crunching!

The West has told itself for decades that it is the problem with the world. The Mongols would never have attacked without the French, the samuri would never have militarized Japan without the US developing the Bomb, etc. The West needs to get some pride back and fight for its survival. It is almost gone now. I will miss the Vikings.

9:25 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Sir Henry, I hope you receive this - INS/FBI stats for First Quarter of 2006,

Or Multiculturalism and the loss of a nation.

12:07 PM  
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