Monday, September 17, 2007

The original speech for the Brussells demo

From S.I.O.E.

The original speech for the Brussels demo

Posted September 16th, 2007

People get prosecuted when they tell the truth – they get prosecuted if they show the crowd, that the emperor wears no clothes – as in the fairy tale of Hans Christian Andersen.
Some people have recently been trying to get the truth into the open, where it is possible for all who care, to see it. Not the analysed and manipulated truth conveyed through corrupt media, with no idea about freedom of speech - but the simple basic truth, that Europe is under attack. This attack is not done conventionally, with bombs and soldiers, but through a sneaking, undermining process – we are under attack through the media, infiltration of our institutions and direct harassment in the streets.

Now, how do you suppose the citizens of Europe react to these sneaking attacks? Well we march for peace, we try to get the message of our worry through to the people who our supposed to protect us - by peaceful means. And how are we received: As villains, xenophobes and racists.

Well people around here have just about had enough of that, we are sick and tired of being harassed and villainised just because we are saying what is obvious to everybody: that Islam is a threat to the European civilization. How many terror plots will have to succeed? How many rapes will have to be pulled through? How many areas of European soil have to be given over to Sharia? Before the state wakes up to the obvious facts? Well everybody here agrees, enough is enough; it stops here, we have had enough – No sharia here!

When Socrates in ancient times stood prosecuted by the tyrants, he did not step down – he could have done so and saved his skin – but he preferred to say whatever was on his mind, to search for truth in speech – and he was killed for it. He has inspired the true democrats ever since, and now we stand here again, another foul tyrannical government wants us to step down, or drink that cup of hemlock – as Socrates. All that have come today, here in this tyrannical city have been prepared to drink that cup of hemlock, we have braved our fears, we have stood up for the democratic first principle of freedom of speech, because we believe in it. We will not be silenced, we will not surrender our countries and kin, we will keep on fighting for what we hold dear.

The best politicians a people can have, are those who gallantly fight for the rights of their people. These politicians are so very rare these days, all we are left with are corrupt and weak specimens of the latter - like the Mayor of this city. Law is not something that automatically will appear and then function, it is something we should all hold dear and nurture in our lives. When law becomes a thing that is played with, by corrupt politicians, the existence of law disappears. Law is supposed to be the inner wall of the country, every citizen should grasp the essence of law and put it to their heart. And in the inner core of Law their lies virtue of justice – the quintessential principle of our society.

Now Roman law and justice is under serious threat these days, both from sloppiness of the responsible politicians, but also by the law of Sharia. This system of law stems from the Koran, and it has nothing to do with public opinion. It is produced and upheld by religious figures, analysing and judging according to tradition and conduct in the muslim countries. This has produced a civilization of decay and stagnation – there is absolutely no development in the middle east – only chaos and poverty. Now the defenders of Roman Law, our publicly elected politicians and the judges, cave in to Sharia. Because it is a better system of law? No, because they are afraid of the consequences – they are afraid of the muslim street, the mullahs, the rioters, the marauders and they react by giving in – hereby betraying the citizens of their country, their brothers and family.

It is a disgrace.

Everybody is in chains and yet everybody is free, That truth was beaconed upon us by the philosopher of the French revolution Rousseau. By chaining ourselves to Roman Law decreed by public vote, we have freed ourselves from the natural rule of the strongest. We still believe in this, but it doesn't work with the muslim street, that has no respect for Roman law, they only obey the rule of the strongest. Thereby we as law abiding citizens have been caught between the ever increasing muslim Ummah and the spineless conduct of our politicians – unable to figth for ourselves, because we respect Roman Law, and undefended by the law itself. Roman law only works if the citizens actually respect it – if a large portion of the population does not respect it, it becomes a death trap.

This death trap has been set up by that house in there – the EU magistrate. This house of arrogance and greed, this muddy castle of ineptitude and vainness. Selling off the citizens of Europe to the nearest thug down the street, while parading and flagging their own disability.

Not until this house of doubletalk and tyranny is put back on track, will the true European spirit that we fight to maintain flourish and bloom. Not until the crooked, spineless politicians have been ousted from this centre of corruption and manipulation will we be able to live in freedom again.

It is sad, but it is like that, the forces that were supposed to protect us are stabbing us in the back, for their career, for a little money, to be able to throw the next party with jugglers and extravaganza.

With no real interest in what really matters: Democracy and free speech.
But we stand here, the faithful, the believers in democracy, the sons and daughters of Socrates - and we do not give in; they can harass us, they can tell us that we are racists and islamophobes: we do not care – because we care for our children, and we want them to live in peace and freedom. So we put forth this example to follow, to brave the unjust laws, the prosecution, the muslim ummah - in a peaceful manner.

Because we take our freedom of speech seriously – in a gesture to that brave and free country over there in America, a comment to the constitutional first amendment.
And we reach out our hand to all the sons and daughters of European civilisation - and call for unity against the islamization of the west.

Let us all be free and the brave, and create another revival of that Hellenic spirit – that represents the heart of Europe.

Let us put that line in the sand now, and say:

Stop the islamisation of Europe!

No sharia here!

Democracy not theocracy!

Enough is enough!


Blogger Sagunto said...

Dear folks at Reconquista,

From the continent of EUrabia I send you this short video-compilation of my 9/11 visit to "el Bruss" on YouTube. Most of the photos I shot myself and some were - with permission - borrowed from (

I'm still appalled by what I witnessed in 'el Bruss' even though the brutality of practical shariasocialism didn't surprise me.

Kind reg's from Amsterdam,

My Ytube'r:
the face of Shariasocialism in 'el Bruss'

10:03 PM  
Blogger ENGLISHMAN said...

Good speech,not so sure about "roman law"though.

2:23 PM  
Blogger John Sobieski said...

What is interesting about the EU is how the 'elected' members don't create law or pass them. That is left to the EU bureaucracy and those endless councils and committees populated by appointments. Who appoints seems buried in the labyrinth of the EU.

The world has become orwellian. The truth blasphemy against the state.

2:07 AM  
Blogger Matt said...

I wanna' take issue with a few things you put in your final sentences here in that last post..

Firstly, "Because we take our freedom of speech seriously – in a gesture to that brave and free country over there in America, a comment to the constitutional first amendment." The idea that the United States takes Free Speech seriously, bearing in mind the regime of the past 8 years, is frankly laughable.

You're speaking about Sharia law in Europe...I challenge you to name one country in Europe that bows down to the Sharia (DO NOT say Turkey because that is not now, nor will it EVER be a part of Europe).

And your constant repitition of the phrase "Roman Law"--Rome is dead. The Italian Prime Minister had ties to the Corleonesi faction of what you non-Italians refer to as the "Mafia" (before, of course, the Mattanza and the Sicilian Families' fall from grace). So to take what you mean in a modern context doesn't make sense either because Italy is as lawless now as she ever was.

And Rome itself, her predeccesor, was dominated by the tyrants you claim to fear non-stop, from the earliest days of the Republic, to the Caesers and beyond.

And finally, the "Reconquista"...while you're correct, it us a blanket term reffering to the Christian reclamation of the Iberian Peninsula, the majority of these wars were fought BETWEEN the various Christian kingdoms in Spain and Portugal, more often than not with Muslim allies at their side. It is not, contrary apparently to your believe, a word that will strike offence and fear in the hearts of the world's muslim population.

Europe is not under threat from any Islamic invasion; it's under threat from the single-minded, pro-Christian hypocrites like yourself who spread fear and hatred among the masses for your own gains.

In the words of the Irish Republican Army; 'Tiocfaidh ár Lá'

3:08 PM  
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