Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Have you a daughter?

I have … and nieces …

I sit here trying to write this with eyes like twirling Catherine wheels, and raw bald patches all over my skull through tearing my hair out; well at least, I would have raw bald patches if I wore my hair long enough to get a decent grip on it. You try making sense of 20Mb of numbers on 78 Excel pages.

It’s all Gandalf’s fault.

There I was a few days after the second of my Terror Attacks posts was up, sitting at home minding my own – well, Islam’s own – business when he phoned me:

“I’ve had an idea”
“Whassat then?”
“Well you know that worldwide, Muslims go on a violence fest every Ramadan?”
“Yyyeeeeeess.” (and they do: Religion of Peace recorded 245 attacks last month, 45 in Thailand alone, and look at Paris, apparently every year now – Brussels too this year).
“So why not get a calendar converter for the Muslim calendar/our calendar, a list of their celebration dates throughout the Muslim year, and check against crime figures based on our year, then do a calendar conversion to see if there are any bumps in the crime stats coinciding with those celebrations? Any regularities may not show up on our calendar, but on theirs, who knows?”
“{thinks … er … what crime stats?}”
“Then if you find anything you can do what you did with the Terror Attacks stats.”
“{thinks … this conversation could lead places …}”
“Good idea, I’ll take a look around, see if there are any possibilities.”

Next day a link to a good calendar converter appeared in my e-mail. Thank you Gandalf. Turns out what I eventually discovered is far better – worse – than Gandalf’s suggested possibility … and I didn’t need the calendar converter; the relationship between Muslims and crime wasn’t that subtle.

First I went looking for suitable crime statistics. London has approximately 700,000 Muslims, so I checked out the crime statistics issued by the Metropolitan Police (that’s the London police, for non-British readers. Except for the City of London – “The Square Mile” – which has its own police force that is lousy at issuing statistics). Excellent: comprehensive statistics on a month-by-month, borough-by-borough, and crime category-by-crime category (plus sub-categories) basis, for a usable, continuous 78 months from April 2000 to September 2006 (amounting to 33 numbers for each of 32 boroughs, each month for 78 months – something in the order of 82,000 numbers, all already on Excel pages. Hence the Catherine wheel eyes and hair-tearing through trying to find a way to organise it, to make usable sense of it).

Aside …While I was compiling my earlier posts on Terror Attacks Worldwide, I tried to access more information than RoP’s, from the C.I.A.; from there I was re-directed to the State Department, where their terrorist attack data was inaccessible owing to “Technical Difficulties”. Hmm, yes, ok. I learned a lesson from that, and just on the off-chance that the same might happen with the Met’s crime statistics, I downloaded the lot. The development of “Technical Difficulties” by the Met will now be a waste of time.

While I was searching out statistics I encountered the most recent (2001) census data. Yes, I could use that (my ideas had already moved on from the Muslim calendar/crime correlations I had originally intended to look for). Everything written here is based on those two sets of documents: The Met. crime statistics and the 2001 census.



And to access a borough map of London (believe me, it makes it all a lot easier), I went here:


From these three places you too could do everything I did – and probably more. All that’s needed is that you ask the right questions, and look at the data from a suitable distance and angle (averaging – as explained in my earlier posts – lumping together, and looking sideways at things. And counting, of course; mustn’t forget we counters ).

I had to get the sheer mass of numbers down to a manageable size, so, as the overwhelming majority of London’s Muslims live in boroughs north of the Thames, I discarded all data from the south. I also ignored the City of London, as I had no data from there and, according to the census data, only 403 Muslims are there, out of a very small population of below 7,200. The City is London’s main commercial zone. I also ignored Westminster as person-to-person offence levels are spiked by the sheer number of non-resident incomers for the day/night/weekend doing drunken or semi-drunken, and/or drugged things to each other, and this distorts the statistics (it has the largest sex offence count of all the boroughs, and only 11.8% Muslims, so I probably did them a favour by leaving it out); Westminster is London’s main leisure zone. For all other boroughs I made an assumption: cross-border offences one way would, on the whole, be matched by their converse. Reasonable? Well, I assumed it anyway.

That left nineteen boroughs to work with, and made the numbers far more manageable.

To make the numbers even more manageable I focused on a single crime category. Sex offences seemed a natural choice because all over the world there are reports of Muslims engaging in sex offences against non-Muslims (and other Muslims too, as it happens, where men have the cover of the Hudood Ordinances in Pakistan, or license from the government as in Sudan) out of all proportion to their numbers. Recent Australian events, and the scandal surrounding the Mufti of Australia were being talked about, I’d recently been reading Fjordmann’s work on rape in Scandinavia, we’ve all (?) read the reports on rape in Pakistan and Darfur, the slums of France, the “smileys” inflicted in the Netherlands, the grooming of under-age girls in Bradford; and I was, anyway, looking for an offence-category that could not be linked to personal economic circumstances. There are already enough confounds in the data without having that as a position for people to argue from (some idiot would claim that being poor makes you more likely to commit an offence). So I chose that category: Sex Offences … partly for the above reasons, and partly because I believe it will strike an emotional chord with anyone likely to read this post. It would be as well to note that in this context, “Sex Offences” in the Metropolitan Police statistics comprises two sub-categories: rape, and ‘other sex offences’; the actual rape figures are only a small part of the numbers I have used, which are for ‘Total Sex Offences’. Borough-by-borough, month-by-month, for 78 months in a row. Is any idiot going to argue that forced manual, oral, anal or paedophile sex, and whatever other things sex offenders get up to, are not serious sex offences, and so shouldn’t be used here? I haven’t even looked at any other offence category in relation to this work. I did not keep looking at different categories until I found one to bash Muslims with. This was the first and so far only category I’ve looked at. But as it turns out, I am going to bash the Muslims with it. “There’s lucky for you”, as we would say back home in Wales.

What I have is, if not actual proof, then a whole series of correlations. However, on the basis that if you can’t actually prove something fell out of the back end of a dog, but it looks like it did, smells like it did, feels like it did, and tastes like it did, then it might be best if you didn’t step in it, I’m going to publish what I found. You can make your own minds up. I’ve made mine up, and I wouldn’t want my daughter or nieces living near large numbers of Muslims. I think most reasonable, reasoning, people will agree after reading this.

First I had to establish a baseline level for offences within a relatively homegeneous British community. I used Havering, right at the far east of London. It is almost entirely British (look up the categories; you have the census link, and if I have to go through it all every time I mention a borough I’ll make no progress), and has only 0.8% Muslims, the lowest proportion of any borough in London .

This is what I found:

graph 1

No, it doesn’t make any sense to me either. Just a squiggly worm trail across 78 months’ worth of data. Ok then, let’s go take a look at the borough with the highest proportion of Muslims in London, with 36.4% Muslims: Tower Hamlets. See if that makes more sense.

Graph 2

Frankly, I can’t make out any difference between the two. Can you? Well, actually there’s a huge difference, but it depends on where in those graphs your eye is focusing. Let’s add trendlines, first to the Havering graph:

Graph 3

Seen it yet (come on, fair play, I put a lot of work into this, let me have a bit of fun with you)? Ok then, let’s add a trendline to the Tower Hamlets graph.

Graph 4

Surely you can see it now? No? Then you’re looking in the wrong place. Look at the numbers up the y-axis. Yes, that’s right, the graphs might appear indistinguishable, but actually, the borough with 36.4% Muslims has well over double the number of sex offences as the borough with only 0.8% Muslims. Well over double. Let’s put them both on one graph to make it absolutely clear.

Graph 5

You might expect offences to rise with a rise in population level? Well yes, you might at that. But in this case you’d be wrong. Havering has a higher population than Tower Hamlets: going from figures in the last census – admittedly five years ago, but it’s the latest available - and working to the nearest thousand, Tower Hamlets, with much more than double the sex offences, has only 196,000 people to Havering’s 225,000. What Tower Hamlets has more of is Muslims.

I wont mention population level again, or density, until later when I come to deal with them both as potential confounds. Neither can account for the differences in offence levels we’re about to run through. Nor can the presence of other religious groups (to the contrary – you’ll see).

What about the borough with the next largest proportion of Muslims, Newham, with 24.3% Muslims?

Graph 6

An even bigger gap! Very nearly two and a half times as many sex offences. Newham was recently declared the least desirable place in Britain to live. I wonder why?

So we’ve looked at boroughs with 30%+ Muslims and 20-30% Muslims. How about boroughs with between 10-20% Muslims? I’ve had to average across seven boroughs for this, ranging from 10.3% Muslims to 15.1% Muslims; from outer boroughs like Redbridge and Waltham Forest, to inner areas like Hackney and Camden (look at the map – you have the link)

Graph 7

Well, there’s a slight reduction in the gap (don’t forget, you’re supposed to look at the numbers up the y-axis as well as the trendlines), but not by much. I did try adding in the discarded borough, Westminster (11.8% Muslim), but when I did the gap became so big, that this category became the worst of all – even worse than the 30%+ and the 20-30% lines. I’m doing Muslims a favour here by removing it from consideration.

Remember, I’m using Havering as my baseline for what could be considered a standard “normal” native British level for this sort of offence – only 0.8% Muslim.

Let’s take a look at boroughs with between 5-10% Muslims (there is a purpose to all this)

Graph 8

Well, the gap’s down a bit more, but it’s still substantial isn’t it. For those boroughs with between 5-10% Muslims I again had to average across seven boroughs ranging from 6.2% to 9.6% Muslims, and outer boroughs like Hounslow over on the west, Harrow, Barnet and Enfield to the northwest and north, to inners like Hammersmith or Kensington.

Now let’s examine the difference between boroughs with between 1-5% Muslims, and Havering with only 0.8% Muslims (I class that as “below 1%” in my worksheets).

For this I had to average only two boroughs: Hillingdon over on the far west side of London (see the map), and Barking, right across on the other side of London, next to Havering in the east. It may be a little unfair to call these “between 1-5% Muslim” as one is 4.4% and the other 4.6%, so could almost have been included with the 5-10%. However, that’s how the dice fell and I can’t start making exceptions to suit my own convenience …

Graph 9

It would be as well to ignore the sqiggly worm tracks on that graph and focus on the trendlines, otherwise you run the risk of developing the Catherine wheel eyes I’ve now got (and raw bald patches with headaches). Squinting Catherine wheels at that.

Well, again that’s a much reduced gap, but it’s still substantial.

So, we can conclude from all that that there is a definite pattern to sex offence levels. But is it as simple as that, I wondered? I already told you: I’m a counter; I count left to right, right to left, top to bottom and bottom to top. Count in twos, threes, fours (I hit difficulties with fives – my Magical Number Seven plus or minus Two ... seems actually to be minus Three …google the phrase). What this means is I look for patterns, and patterns within patterns. All part of being a counter.

So are there any patterns here within that basic pattern of a rising proportion of Muslims equals a rising level of sex offences? Let’s look at all of the above on one graph and see what it throws up. And now you really are going to have to ignore the squiggly worm tracks and focus on the trendlines or go mad as a hatter… and/or blind. Even a counter like me can’t handle this next lot of squiggly worm tracks.

Graph 10

Well well well, isn’t that interesting … can you see them? Step-changes, two of them. Wonder if that’s just part of a larger pattern of step-changes as Muslim proportions get even bigger? But that’s speculation, and I’ll get back to it in a short while. You have absolutely no concept of how fascinated I was by this picture the first time I saw it. Well, some of you might have – that’ll be those of you who are like me … you know who you are. The possibilities …even now I keep getting drawn to it, and contemplating. Hard to drag my eyes away. I would be really interested in knowing what the % Muslims was in the Paris Banlieus when they first started behaving intifada-style, and how long ago it was; I’ve only had this level of communication and information for exactly seven months (that’s how long I’ve had a computer – I was reliant on being misled by the msm up to that time) – can anyone help me with information about this?

First a bit of explanation of what we’ve already got:

The very top trendline is the one for 20-30% Muslims.

The second from the top is for 30%+ Muslims.

The third from the top is for 10-20% Muslims.

The bottom trendline is for less than 1% Muslims.

The next one up is for 1-5% Muslims.

The third from the bottom is for 5-10% Muslims.

The top three are plainly patterned as a group. Relative to percentages there is very little difference between them. The group starts when the proportion of Muslims reaches about 10%. This is even more obvious if the missing borough (Westminster, 11.8% Muslim) is included. Just for illustration purposes I will show you shortly, but then I’ll go back to ignoring it. Once an approx. 10% Muslims proportion is reached a step-change occurs in predatory behaviour (what else is crime against the person – e.g. sex offence - but predatory behaviour?), which then changes very little if at all, at least up to 35% Muslims. Indeed, here 20-30% shows higher offence levels than 30%+ (and when the missing borough is included, 10-20% Muslims leapfrogs both of those – I’ll show you shortly). So, a step-change at about 10% Muslims.

The second and third up (1-5% - and 5-10%) are also patterned as a group. I would guess, though it’s hard to be as certain as with the top three lines, that 5% is another step-change, though a minor one. It seems obvious to me though, that 10% Muslim is a critical mass (and how often have we heard that expression used, but never with any hard evidence to demonstrate its reality?) where behaviour changes and remains at a particular form and intensity until the next critical mass is reached. Where is that next, higher, critical mass? It certainly hasn’t been reached by 35% on the evidence here, but I’d guess it’s getting close. Please, someone, information about Paris, as asked for above. It might be useful to know when intifada-like behaviour is likely to start in London. The Metropolitan Police is already considering buying water-cannon – do they already know what we are groping our way towards here? And if they do know something, why aren’t they insisting the politicians prevent it reaching that point by stopping all Muslim immigration now? They should go public with what they know or suspect.

The bottom trendline is plainly all on it’s own, and nothing much is to be said about it other than to wonder how much more pleasant and safe city life might be if nowhere had more than 0.8% Muslims.

If I’m correct and there are indeed two step-changes here, then that demonstrates the existence of a pattern of step-changes, and there will be others where different things happen. So it’s not as simple as an all-or-nothing one-time-only critical mass where everything happens at once. This does need looking at. More data required. Europe may not be already lost as some believe. I don’t believe Europe’s yet lost. But neither do I believe full recovery will be clean and pain free. Our elites have a lot to answer for. I hope I live long enough to see them called directly to account. All of them.

Extra graph.

And doesn’t that just make it so much clearer that the top three trendlines are patterned as a group. And now the order is:

Top trendline 10-20% Muslims

Second down is 20-30% Muslims

Third down is 30%+ Muslims.

It also makes it clearer that the second and third from the bottom are also patterned as a group. So, two step-changes then; two critical masses. One at about 5% and one at about 10%. Is there a next one too? And if there is, what level is it at?

And if this doesn’t convince you that 10% Muslims is a critical mass with there being essentially a step-change, with no further change up to at least 35%, then nothing ever will. Now forget I did that – I just violated my own rule about leaving out the Westminster (11.8% Muslim) data.

Now then, we have to consider some of the possible confounds in the data that may be leading me astray here. For example, it may be that increasing levels of population lead to increasing levels of sex offence. That intuitively sounds reasonable to assume, and it may be that my earlier example with Havering and Tower Hamlets is an anomoly. But was it an anomaly? Let’s take a look at another trendline – the one that tells us whether or not there’s a general trend for increasing population inevitably leading to increasing sex offences. The x-axis divisions on this next graph are: “1” is population up to 200,000/borough, rising in 25,000 increments to “5”, which is: above 275,000/borough.

Graph 11

As we can see, the highest numbers of offences occur at both the highest populations/borough and the lowest. The trendline is horizontal. Neither positive nor negative correlation. That means there is no general trend for necessarily increasing sex offences by increasing population level. Population level is not a necessary determination of sex offences level. So that possible confound doesn’t need to be worried about. They can’t get off the hook by claiming their boroughs have the highest sex crimes just because they have the highest populations (they don’t necessarily have the highest populations anyway).

Ok then, another intuitively sound possibility is that sex offence levels could be determined by population density levels. That does sound sensible. But is it? Let’s take a look. In the next graph, on the x-axis “1” is up to 50 people/hectare/borough, rising in increments of 25/hectare/borough up to “5” which is 125+.hectare/borough.

Graph 12

As we can see, the lowest numbers of offences occur in both the lowest densities and the highest. The trendline is slightly rising – a weak positive correlation - showing that population density does have an effect on level of offences, but as the trendline rise is only slight, and as some of the lower offence level boroughs are at the highest density levels, then the positive correlation is weak. Population density does have an effect, but only a weak one. In my judgement, nowhere near enough of an effect to account for the gross disparities in offence levels that we have seen correlated with the various levels of % Muslims/borough. For example, Newham, one of the worst offence-level individual boroughs (20-30% on multi-line graph above), is only eighth most dense of the boroughs we are considering here. The single most densely populated borough, Kensington, is only at the mid-range of offence levels. So this is a factor, but only a weak one.

Now let’s take a look at trendlines and correlations for level of sex offences according to percentages of the various religions in each borough. First we’ll take a look at the topic of discussion: Muslims.

“1” on the x-axis represents boroughs with up to 5% Muslims, “2” is 5-10% Muslims, “3” is 10-20% Muslims, “4” is 20-30% Muslims, and “5” is 30%+ Muslims.

Graph 13

Well, that seems pretty clear to me – a sharply rising trendline: more Muslims means more sex offences. A strong positive correlation. Unquestionable. I would not let my daughter live amongst these people. Oh, ok then – she’s an adult now (just turned 18), so decides these things for herself, but I would strongly urge her not to, and explain why she shouldn't.

However, it could still be that I’m being unfair. After all, there are people of other religions too living in London, in different percentages in different boroughs – all are mixed in various proportions in every borough. Let’s take a look. Perhaps there are increasing percentages of Christians in the various boroughs that are causing the increasing levels of sex offences that are being credited here to Muslims? I wonder (no I don’t)?

In the picture that follows, on the x-axis, “1” represents boroughs with up to 40% Christians/borough, increasing in increments of 10% up to “5”, which represents 70%+ Christians.

Graph 14

Oh dear! It’s ok folks, only jesting. A sharply falling trendline. A strong negative correlation. Thehigher the %Christians in a borough, the fewer the sex offences. Unquestionable. Yes, I’d be quite happy for my daughter to live amongst these people. Nothing to see here, move along please.

Of course, maybe I’m still being unfair. After all, London is riddled with those filthy apes and pigs that call themselves Jews. And those pieces of excrement (a recent revelation from Bangla Desh – remember?) polytheists called Hindus. Then there’s those infidel Sikhs. And what about the Druids – we all know how bad those people are. After all, when the Romans finally took my home, Anglesey, the last stronghold of the Druids, even they were appalled at the sort of stuff the Druids got up to; and for the Romans, of all people, to be appalled the Druids really had to be something special. Then there are the Satanists, the Scientologists, the Jedi (seriously – at the last census many people put their religion down as Jedi), and a whole host of other weird and wonderful religious beliefs. Perhaps these people are doing it all and very slyly finding a way to give the religion of peace the blame? Well, you never know, do you, with the infidel kuffar? So let’s take a look, shall we? Enjoying this? Who, me? What makes you think that?

Here I encountered a problem: there aren’t high enough percentages of these other religions anywhere to show an effect that isn’t swamped out by the effects of the numbers of Christians and Muslims. So what I did was to combine them all to reach percentages powerful enough to work with. The following graph represents Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, and all those who either witheld their religious convictions, or weren’t in sufficient numbers to get an individual classification during the census, and are classed simply as “Other Religions”. So, is there a correlation between the % of these other religions/borough and level of sex offences?

In this graph, on the x-axis, “1” represents up to 5%/borough, rising in 5% increments to “5”, which is 20%+/borough. So let’s take a look.

Graph 15

A moderately dropping trendline. A moderate negative correlation. So, the higher the percentage of other religions/borough, the fewer the sex offences. I’d be content for my daughter to live amongst these people too. It could be that had their numbers matched those of Christians then the trendline drop might have been steeper. Who knows? I’m content with what I found.


More Christians – fewer sex offences.

More other religions – fewer sex offences.

More Muslims – More sex offences.

Let’s put these last three trendlines together in one place to visually see the contrast:

Graph 16

Muslim trendline rising sharply from left to right. Strong positive correlation!

Christian trendline falling sharply from left to right. Strong negative correlation!

Other religions trendline falling moderately from left to right. Moderate negative correlation!

This work is not proof of cause and effect, but the contrasting correlations couldn’t be starker and I need say no more, other than to repeat:

You may not be able to actually prove something dropped out of the back end of a dog, but if it looks like it did, smells like it did, feels like it did, and tastes like it did, then it might be best not to step in it.

I am going no further with this. I am not going to insult the unemployed, the poor, the uneducated by even considering any possibility that these things may be confounding factors in this picture I have presented. I could do, I have the data to use, but I will leave that to the PC brigade and whingeing Islam itself.

Talking of the PC brigade and Islam, there are those who will say this is little more than a hatchet-job: of course it’s a hatchet-job, you bloody fools. I’ve already established with my first two posts that we are at war with Islam, and when you are at war you must win. Against an enemy as ruthless and merciless as Islam you have to be even more ruthless and merciless or it will rip you apart – literally in Islam’s case. Consider yourselves lucky it’s not the historical Sir Henry Morgan whose emnity you have earned. He didn’t understand the concept of mercy towards his enemies. When he did a hatchet-job he did it physically and an impressive job he made of it too. Many of his enemies even referred to him as Hatchet-hand-Morgan. I’m sure our Spanish friends spanishdiplomat and callofthetrumpet could educate you in respect of this. At least I only do a metaphorical hatchet-job, but if I do say so myself, it, in its metaphorical form, is every bit as impressive a hatchet-job. I too do not understand the concept of mercy towards my enemies, and I will not quit until you depart our land for your own.

But then, is it really a hatchet-job? I have invented no numbers, faked no pictures. Everything done here has been done with official data publicly available. There is nothing here that didn't come out of the data. All I’ve done is looked at and treated it in particular ways and from particular distances. Exactly, those PC fools will say, it is just an artefact of the way you treated it, and not worth taking any notice of. Idiots – it’s not an artefact of the way I looked at and treated it: it’s a consequence of the way I looked at and treated it. What those same PC fools really mean is that they don’t like the consequence of looking at and treating the data the particular way I have done. I suppose they might not like the number 9 either, preferring 6 instead. That does not make 9 an artefact and 6 a consequence. They look at and treat a 3 and a 3 in such a particular way as to arrive at a consequence of 6 and they call it a consequence and right. I look at and treat that same 3 and 3 in such a different particular way that I arrive at a consequence of 9 and they call it an artefact and wrong. Am I wrong? Them right? Nonsense.

This work used London as it’s study subject, but the finding does not apply only to London. The same study would reveal the same picture wherever carried out. It is relevant everywhere in the world where Islam is present in large numbers. As relevant in Dearborn as London, Toronto as Paris, Malmo as Sydney. Everywhere. Islam’s behaviour never differs wherever it goes; if it behaves thus here, so too does it there. You are a woman? With young female kin? A man with young female kin? You are a young female? It is relevant to you wherever you are if Islam is near to you. Be aware. Make others aware. Make your power brokers aware. Make your media aware. It is you and yours that is subject to this behaviour. Do not stand for it.

If the Metropolitan Police, or indeed anyone else, cares to dispute my findings, then perhaps it might be a good idea to release perpetrator/victim information regarding religion. Nothing usable to identify the people concerned, just information on religion. No doubt, this is information it is considered not PC to compile. Or perhaps just not PC to release?

I've no doubt it is possible to nit-pick holes in this work. However, I don't think it's possible to factually deny its basic very disturbing finding.

It is a certainty that in certain circles accusations of racism will fly. So am I a racist? No, I am not. Can I prove I am not a racist? No, I can not. Nobody else can either, not even those who might make the accusation. It is a logical impossibility to prove a negative. That is why, in a court of law, the accused is never required to prove he is not guilty - because that would be requiring a person to achieve an actual logical impossibility. It is why the onus is on the prosecution to prove the positive - that the accused is guilty - because in logic such a thing is possible.

So no, I cannot prove I am not a racist any more than anyone else can. The only thing it is possible to do is provide testimony that one is likely to be innocent of the accusation. Me? I was married nearly a quarter century to a South Asian woman. My only child is herself half Asian. Why would I be racist when such a thing could only bounce back on my own? That is the best I can do, and it is at least better than the best most people can do which is a resort to "my best friend is ... ".


Blogger ENGLISHMAN said...

Sir HENRY, a stunning piece of investigation,to confirm what we all knew instinctively,bravo! as to the racism issue ,that is for the wooly minded who have no other means of attack , and are very short of reasonable ideas to oppose one with,who are at best parrots reapeating what they have been deluded into accepting as the lack the necessary intelect to reason for themselves, if deep concern for ones family, ones country is greater than concern for the rabid parasitic invaders who wish to exterminate the host culture is racist ,then i for one am truly proud to be amongst that number.incidentally appologies for my earlier post where i implied that you were English,i did not realise my mistake untill i had pressed the publish button.

5:40 PM  
Blogger Sir Henry Morgan said...


Thank you. it was a lot of work and took me some weeks to complete.

We are British: some of the Scots variety, some of the Irish variety, some as yourself of the English variety, and some as myself of the Welsh variety. We are also British who adopt here as home and make the effort to become loyal British, transferring previous loyalties to this land, and having respect for British law above all other law. Those who are not British are those who come here but maintain loyalties to elsewhere - and I am talking here of things more serious than such trivia as "The cricket test", rather, for example, which body of law is regarded as supreme. We all know which group of people I'm talking about - and they are not defined by any racial characteristics; rather by ideology (or religion, as they would have it).

We are British.

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Thank you, sir Henry, for the heads up. Post is up at Klein Verzet aw well as over at the Infidel Bloggers Alliance.

Excellent work and post!

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I certainly do appreciate all the time and effort it took to pull this together. Well done.

If this post can be condensed for short attention spans of our newly elected govt . . .I would like to send this to them.

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Dear Sir Henry,

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Dear Sir Henry,

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Dear Sir Henry,
a great read once again you have hit the nail on the head for the last couple of hours I have been posting links all over the place lets see if we can get you some traffic this post deserves to be read.

deep regards

Yorkshire miner

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Stunning, marvellous, excellente !

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Blogger demosophist said...

There are a number of arguments that one might enlist to refute this analysis, but I think the trend is probably strong enough that it will survive those attacks. (There is, for instance, the ecological inference problem, that we don't know who is committing the offenses, or against whom.)

But putting those aside there's a fairly simple hypothesis here that isn't quite the one Sir Henry has proposed. Basically, that hypothesis would be that this is more an interaction between the ideology of multiculturalism and group entitlements on one hand, and an enabling culture on the other, than a pure consequence of either Islam or Islamic culture. In other words it's a very unfortunate side effect of bad westen philosophy made manifest in public policy.

When you undermine individual responsibility for acts of predation what you're doing is legitimating predation under "excusable circumstances". In other words, if you legitimate thuggery, you're likely to get thuggery. The whole notion of group or identity entitlements is bogus, and this sort of thing is the consequence.

To test this alternative theory one might look at Muslim enclaves within the US, where the ideology of multiculturalism and group identity is less established. I suspect that the trend line will not be as steep as in the UK, and the thresholds (though they may still exist) will occur at higher concentrations of muslims in the population. Instead of at 10% the change will occur at 20% or 25%.

Likewise, where multi-culti is more established (France and Belgium) the trends will be steeper and the shifts will occur at lower levels of muslims in the population.

Interesting and disturbing stuff. Thanks.

4:54 PM  
Blogger demosophist said...

There are a number of arguments that one might enlist to refute this analysis, but I think the trend is probably strong enough that it will survive those attacks. (There is, for instance, the ecological inference problem, that we don't know who is committing the offenses, or against whom.)

But putting those aside there's a fairly simple hypothesis here that isn't quite the one Sir Henry has proposed. Basically, that hypothesis would be that this is more an interaction between the ideology of multiculturalism and group entitlements on one hand, and an enabling culture on the other, than a pure consequence of either Islam or Islamic culture. In other words it's a very unfortunate side effect of bad westen philosophy made manifest in public policy.

When you undermine individual responsibility for acts of predation what you're doing is legitimating predation under "excusable circumstances". In other words, if you legitimate thuggery, you're likely to get thuggery. The whole notion of group or identity entitlements is bogus, and this sort of thing is the consequence.

To test this alternative theory one might look at Muslim enclaves within the US, where the ideology of multiculturalism and group identity is less established. I suspect that the trend line will not be as steep as in the UK, and the thresholds (though they may still exist) will occur at higher concentrations of muslims in the population. Instead of at 10% the change will occur at 20% or 25%.

Likewise, where multi-culti is more established (France and Belgium) the trends will be steeper and the shifts will occur at lower levels of muslims in the population.

Interesting and disturbing stuff. Thanks.

4:56 PM  
Blogger demosophist said...

There are a number of arguments that one might enlist to refute this analysis, but I think the trend is probably strong enough that it will survive those attacks. (There is, for instance, the ecological inference problem, that we don't know who is committing the offenses, or against whom.)

But putting those aside there's a fairly simple hypothesis here that isn't quite the one Sir Henry has proposed. Basically, that hypothesis would be that this is more an interaction between the ideology of multiculturalism and group entitlements on one hand, and an enabling culture on the other, than a pure consequence of either Islam or Islamic culture. In other words it's a very unfortunate side effect of bad westen philosophy made manifest in public policy.

When you undermine individual responsibility for acts of predation what you're doing is legitimating predation under "excusable circumstances". In other words, if you legitimate thuggery, you're likely to get thuggery. The whole notion of group or identity entitlements is bogus, and this sort of thing is the consequence.

To test this alternative theory one might look at Muslim enclaves within the US, where the ideology of multiculturalism and group identity is less established. I suspect that the trend line will not be as steep as in the UK, and the thresholds (though they may still exist) will occur at higher concentrations of muslims in the population. Instead of at 10% the change will occur at 20% or 25%.

Likewise, where multi-culti is more established (France and Belgium) the trends will be steeper and the shifts will occur at lower levels of muslims in the population.

Interesting and disturbing stuff. Thanks.

4:56 PM  
Blogger demosophist said...

Sorry about multiple posts. My browser misbehaved.

4:56 PM  
Blogger Sir Henry Morgan said...


Thank you sir.


I will see what I can do. For the blog I have to try and make it an interesting read, with, hopefully, a little self-denigrating humour; but I'll see what I can do about a condensed version, and will post it.

However, I'm taking a week off from this before I get back to that, then another task - probably something along lines suggested by PD111. However, for that I need Ward data within each borough, and the Met. has only been publishing Ward data for about eight months, so it doesnt yet cover a Ramadan. Theyre usually about six weeks behind actual events for publication, so I expect October's will be out soon. I'll look at it then. They also use a different basis for the Ward data, and I haven't looked at it enough yet to get an understanding of what it says. Don't worry, a bit of studying on it and I'll find a way to extract the info I'll need.


I have a daughter - I profoundly understand those fears.


Information is power. A bureaucrat who has information that nobody else can access and/or make use of is protecting his little empire, his bit of power. It's also a good way preventing information from becoming public knowledge. The Metropolitan Police have provided excellent statistics - not as revealing as would have desired - as I hinted - but still, by the standards of any public service, excellent; and credit must be given where it is due, for openness..

And doesn't your task tell us an awful lot about why goverbments everywhere make such appalling decisions - expected to come up with authoritative answers in only a few minutes. What sort of answers are they going to get in that sort of environment? Huh!

It took me weeks to work through those statistics - it took me over a week just to understand what they were saying to me, as it will for the Ward data (see above). Surely it cannot be beyond the wit of modern-day governments in the hi-tech West to devise standardised systems? But that might let to much information out eh? Information is power.

Miner (again)

Thank you, yes. I've followed a little of your link-posting trail. And I take it the translation is of a message you had after informing someone of the link. Thank you to that person too.


After the condensed version requested above, I'll get on to Southall. For that I'll have to use what Ward data is available, but not until after the Ramadan data is in. This is because in the general data I used Southall is subsumed within the borough of Ealing. I should imagine Muslims walk very quietly in Southall though - an awful lot of Sikhs there. Historically, Muslims in India had some sharp lessons from the Sikhs. We'll see. But it'll have to wait - first a week off (I'll pop in a couple of times a day to see if any comments need an answer), then a condensed version, and by then the Ward Ramadan data should be out and I'll get onto it.


Honest, if I could do everything around this issue I would - but you have the links for the data ... Must warn you though, it's a big task. I more than once regretted even starting.


I think I understand what you're saying, and yes, I think you may make some good points there. But as you've agreed, the correlations are so remarkably consistent that I think it's not unreasonable to draw conclusions from them. I must repeat though, I pointed out in the post that waht I've done is not proof of causal relations - just a series of correlations. The equivalent in a trial, I suppose, of circumstantial evidence - one or two pieces on their own are not enough, but enough of them and a conclusion becomes unavoidable.

And especially true - because the police dont publish the relevant perpetrator/victim information, we don't know who is doing what to who. But the correlations are so consistent ... they're hard to argue against. And then we have the evidence from the rest of the world on the way Muslim males prey on females - Pakistan, where some 80% of the women in jail are there because they reported being raped but were unable to produce the required four male witnesses of good character (an impossible requirement - what men of good character would witness a rape occurring and not intervene? Reports from Darfur, Australia, Fjordmanns work on Scandinavia, gang rapes in France - the reports are just so damned consistent wherever you look.

It IS interesting, and it IS disturbing. But then, how did Mohammed - "the ideal man", "the perfect example", to be emulated in all ways - behave towards women? It just adds to the consistency, doesn't it.

Anyway, a week off now to get some function back into my eyes and brain. I'll pop in a couple of times a day.

Good Lord - almost a full post in its own right.

10:08 PM  
Blogger truepeers said...

Two thoughts: any point in trying to distinguish the Pakistanis from other kinds of Muslims in London? and if Havering is an exceptional place, that might put in question your first step, if not the second.

I wouldn't be particularly convinced by arguments that this is what happens when masses of ill-educated and poor peasants get relocated in London. There is something to that explanation but a poor peasant is not a poor peasant is not a poor peasant: religion makes a big difference there too. The difference in behaviour and success of Muslims vs. Hindus and Sikhs in Britain is widely noted.

9:18 PM  
Blogger truepeers said...

Good work, by the way. I've linked you at Flares and Covenant Zone.

10:11 PM  
Blogger truepeers said...

One other thought: significantly Muslim boroughs will probably correlate with a large number of young males, presumably the most likely to commit sex crimes.

10:19 PM  
Blogger Sir Henry Morgan said...


Well I never looked at nationwide numbers. London only, and London north of the Thames at that. So you've taken convictions nationwide and set them against offences in London alone, north of the Thames.

You seem to be an uber-liberal paid up member of the PC brigade, and aren't you the people always complaining that not enough sex offences result in court action, and of those that do, that not enough of them result in convictions? (I actually agree with you on that one, but never mind) - so what do you suppose the relationship is between offences in London alone and convictions nationwide?

And I never claimed to have established a causal relationship - and made it quite clear that all I was presenting was a series of correlations. So how do you explain these correlations, which are all derived from official data?

Also, similar - indeed worse - reports from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, France (and from Muslim women there, too, at that), Australia - with their mufti claiming it is the women's fault for not being sufficiently covered up? The reports from Pakistan? Darfur? How do you explain those?

How do you explain the fact that it is all in accord with Koranic and related texts, which tell Muslim men that thay may assault any women that they possess "with your right arm" (i.e. by force), amongst all the other violence and hate porn those texts are riddled with? And don't bother quoting all the 'tolerance' suras at me because they all came from Mohammed's early days when he was weak and needed toleration from others in order to survive. Later, when he was strong, they all became extreme intolerance, and later suras always abrogate earlier ones; indeed, there is even a sura that says so.

Don't feel sorry for me; feel sorry for yourself. At least I know what's coming if the problem of the Islam ideology is not addressed as a matter of urgency. When it hits it'll be one hell of a shock to you. Note that to talk of moderate or extremist Islam is on a par with talking of moderate or extreme Naziism. Go read the relevant texts, go study the life of Mohammed, go read the history of Islam. And get it out of your mind that the crusades were an atrocity. Try reading of the history of Islam in India, where Islam murdered something between 70-100 million Indians. Even Stalin and Hitler in combination couldn't match those sorts of numbers.

Live in a Muslim ghetto do you? Or in pleasant surroundings well away from it all?

What, exactly, is your interest in this that leads you to defend the indefensible? Note that it is now legally precedented that it's ok to call Islam vile and wicked. And I do so call.

Why don't you go take a read of my first two posts.

You could always start your own blog where you could defend Islam... from ... from ... from me?

3:17 PM  
Blogger Sir Henry Morgan said...


Note that I am not deleting your comment. That's because I believe in free speech, unlike, for instance, the BBC or the Guardian (which has banned me three times - not for foul language, not for threats, but solely because I started providing links to hard evidence of the vileness of Islam).

3:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Utterly fascinating article, to a total mathematics phobic it took me a while to work it out b ut your graphs are helpful. The work you have put in does you credit. i also have three beautiful daughters and I insist they take a registered black taxi home from whatever nights out they go on. (I hide a tenner inside the clock for this eventuality) I am terrified they'll get in to a mini cab in their pretty dresses wuth some woman hater who thinks they are "fallen" by showing a kneecap.
Thank God for you, you un-PC hero.

7:23 PM  
Blogger Mikki French said...

Great post Sir Henry.
Can I vote for you?

A wannabe jihadist said something like, "you westerners need to wake up and smell the coffee, our time is coming".
Well us infidels have woken up and smelt the bacon and eggs and brewed the tea. Once we've got rid of those traitors in government and have the BNP in power then we can start to put the "Great" back into Great Britain.

10:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's good to see you Brits and some mainland Europeans are waking up to the threat of Islam. I think we Americans actually have it easy: Islam chose to fight us, and a fight they shall have; but in Europe, they have opted to subvert your long, beautiful culture and heritage. It's a lot harder to fight subversion than it is a willing combatant. That's when the vaunted PC Brigade steps in and accuses you of being a Culturalist, racist and bigot.

The causes of these crimes might need further examination, but I can relate from my own studies into religion and race here in the US that religion itself can play a huge part in one's success or failure: Hindu Indians do well enough, while Arab/Pashtun Muslims don't do as well.

I see clearly that multiculturalism is an enemy in itself. Again, here in the US where Muslims are more integrated and more assimilated, we do not see the problems that arise in Europe, especially in Paris and across all of France, where Muslims do not assimilate.

All in all, an excellent study. I will examine the data myself, and if they do come together as you have displayed, but I'll definately recommend this to all my like-minded (and non like-minded) friends. They will enjoy the read.

Many thinks from the Plains

6:27 PM  
Blogger Sir Henry Morgan said...

sons of Leonidas

What a wonderful choice of name. Remembrance of the first time the East attacked the West (starting at Marathon, ending at Plataea (and Mycale same day). A British historian (I cannot recall the name) recently said that the Battle of Marathon was probably more important to British history than the Battle of Britain.

Such studies re Hindus/Sikhs/Muslims have been done here in Britain and findings are that Muslims do significantly worse than the others. This general rule holds even when the Muslims concerned are themselves from India. Interesting. It does all seem to point to religion ...

The numbers do hold up.


I'm no hero - I'm just an ordinary bloke who can do something, so I do. Thanks for saying it though - gave me a boost.

11:54 PM  
Blogger Freedom Fighter said...

Fascinating, Sir Henry..I'm in the process of writing a post onthis and will have linked to it by tommorrow on JoshuaPundit.

Well done.

4:57 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

SO you sat there for several weeks just to prove that Islam and Muslims are horrible people? Man, get a life...

How can you label the fastest growing religion nowadays and its followers by stats in your won country? Or do you still live in times where Britain still rule more than half the world?

I have lots and lots of replies on the paragraphs in your article, but I just wont waste my time and rather do something more productive.

3:33 PM  
Blogger Sir Henry Morgan said...


Am I to take it then that when you return from your comfortable expat life in Saudi Arabia you are going to settle yourself and your family (asuming you have one)in Tower Hamlets or Newham?

No? Thought not.

Your problem is that you don't want anyone risking your comfortable life and substantial income by drawing attention to Muslim behaviour over here in the West. Don't you care about people back home in Britain? Only your own life and income? It's selfish attitudes like yours that have brought us to this situation in the first place.

I'm not the despicable one here - you are.

5:22 PM  
Blogger The Alter Ego said...

WOW - great work. Thank you. If this doesn't make people realize that there's a serious problem here - I don't know what will.

5:36 PM  
Blogger Mr Controversial said...

You do have a lot of spare time. Have you got nothing better to do than write some 5300 word essay that only a few hundred people will actually bother reading the whole of.

7:59 PM  
Blogger The Usual Suspect said...

What a shame all your "hard work" proves nothing and the fools who are commending you on it on your blog are nothing but imbeciles with no idea of how to read statistics or do research. Well done Sir whoeveryouare you have managed to get yourself a following of fools. Pity the fool, but pity more those who follow the fool.
Your statement that you explicitly sought to "bash Muslims" immediatedly nullifies any validity that your so called 'research' could have had. Numbers can do whatever you want them to do which is why researchers actually have to go through rigourous processes of ensuring that their methodology is valid, replicable and solid.
You have absolutely no data on the ethnic or religious backgrounds of the perpetrators and, by your own admittance, have omitted any other possible causal factors such as socio-economic conditions. While you say that your 'analysis' does not indicate causal relationships it is ,nonetheless, implied. Solid research does not imply- solid research PROVES beyond a doubt.
So, unless you are able to get your hands on data about the ethnic backgrounds of sex offenders, I suggest you stop wasting your time and find other ways to spread your vile hate and cultural supremacy.
Oh and for the record, the number of you British coming to Australia and turning this place into a haven of crime is astounding. Just last month a 9 year old girl was brutally raped and killed in a local shopping centre by a British immigrant. The prisons here are full of you lot and British are the highest number of illegal immigrants in this country. Why don't you people stop invading MY homeland and bringing your cultural imperialism with you.

4:07 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Well it is not my concern about these people's actions in the West, my concern is the good Muslims I see around me and I see in other parts of the world.

Just like there are good Christians and bad Christians, there are Good and bad Muslims. But sadly there are Muslims that are just Muslims by name, by passport and family.. they barely follow the true meaning of this Religion...

Dont just judge on Britain, but look at Muslims worldwide. And while you are on the research run, why dont you do a bit of research on Islam itself? Read more into it? Grab both sides of the story instead of just judging people, a true researcher would dive into both sides before making his statement.

You think I dont know there are bad Muslims? Here in Saudi Arabia we read everyday in the papers about stories of rape, kidnapping, drugs, etc. And the same goes for other countries. Religion is not the thing that makes a person bad or good, or do you think that all Christians are saints?

But I guess you already made up your mind and it wont matter much to you...

Whether you think I am dispicable or not, or what you think of my life or my family, has no concern to me... I will have what I beleive in and you will have yours.
Good day to you sir, and think about what I told you about doing some time researching this Religion.

7:46 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

And a standing applause to the Usual Suspect's post.

7:47 AM  
Blogger Sir Henry Morgan said...

godfather and others

Yes, I agree with you, there are many millions of decent law-abiding Muslims. The problem isn't Muslims per se, it's Islam. Unfortunately, as I've talked about on an earlier post, it's Muslims that carry Islam around inside their heads ... and when the jihadis come along and say they have to do or support this that and the other, they cannot deny the jihadis because it's the jihadis who are acting in accord with the instructions in the Koran.

Read the Koran and the history of Islam, you say? Problem is I have read large parts of the Koran and it is full of instructions on how to behave towards the unbelievers. It's not very nice at all.

History? Where, ever, in all its history has Islam gone where bloodshed on an epic scale hasn't followed? Something between 70-105 million dead in India alone. As I've said elsewhere - even Hitler and Stalin in combination couldn't match those sorts of numbers. And that's just India. Go ask the Spanish what they think of being occupied by Islam, or the Greeks - amongst others.

Islam and other belief systems just cannot live together on a basis of equality. For the 'famed' tolerance of Islam, go read "The Peace of Omar". Apartheid in all but name. They call it dhimmitude.

I suggest you go read a bit. Chapter nine (chronologically, the last written, thus abrogating everything from earlier - there is indeed a sura saying that later suras abrogate earlier suras): violence and hate from start to finish.

Mathematics? I went to a blog owned by a mathematician who mentioned my work. I posted a comment, and here is his reply to that comment:

" Sir Henry,
Thanks for the compliment and I apologise if it sounded as though I was criticising your statistics. I wasn't. I found your post fascinating. My main difference would be to look at it as a regression: sexual crimes against muslim percentage. Then we need to test whether the trend is significant... "

A little later he sent me the following e-mail:

" Sir Henry,
i've posted a reply on my blog. Fundamentally I think what you've done is great. I'd just like to report a significance level for the positive trend of sex crimes versus Muslim percentage.
Best wishes ... "

I spoke to Gandalf a short time ago, he told me that in response to my post, he had received an e-mail from a Canadian who had done a similar study there and found similar results. He will send me a copy of the e-mail when he gets back home. Then I will put it here in the comments; minus identifiers, of course.

Yes, my number-work is rough and ready - but how do you account for that series of correlations?

I will not be deleting your comments. Criticism is welcome, but best if it was constructive criticism, don't you think?

Islam and everyone else would be much happier if Islam kept to the Islamic parts of the world, and the rest kept to their parts. It's also very noticable that the vast majority of Muslims killed in the world are killed by other Muslims. Can you account for that? Darfur, for example?

1:58 PM  
Blogger The Usual Suspect said...

I must say I find you quite intriquing Sir Teezak Hamra- on the one hand you come across as highly articulate yet you exude such ignorance and laugh and dance like a monkey when other fools stand at the sidelines and cheer you on.
I am tempted to do my own little biased, unsound and totally useless statistical analysis of the number of British immigrants in Australia and crime rates. Oh my, where to begin- so many of your hooligans here, so many crimes to choose from but so little time and very little motivation!
How did you do it- you have a family as far as I can tell- is there no love in your life that you must seek out something to hate with such vehemence that it takes over your very being? Do you stay awake all night typing away at your computer, foaming at the mouth while your wife sleeps alone? Is your translation of the Koran bookmarked at every reference to violence you could find to justify your hate? Do you read with hate in mind and a determined will to see only what is wrong while ignoring what is right?
Yes, I am intrigued- but not so intrigued to waste anymore time on you.
Farethewell Sir Fartous

2:41 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Are you sure we are reading the same copy of the Quraan here? Cause I have read it from cover to cover more than dozens of times in my life and never have I found something that states violence against non beleivers. Can you take the time to point out which part grabbed your attention?

Keep in mind that word-to-word translations do not always carry the correct meaning, especially that the Quraan was written in very old Arabic, that even some words we do not understand and have to go back to books of interpretation to understand it. For example if I take a verse from the old Bible and translated it into Arabic, it may not make any sense at all to me.

Just as an example ( I know you are probably bored by now), there is a verse in the Quraan that says: "O ye who believe! Draw not near unto prayer when ye are drunken, till ye know that which ye utter"...

whoever reads this alone will think "hey, islam says you can drink! you just dont have to pray while you are drunk!"
But what he doesnt know is that the Quraan came through several phases, and each phase is supposed to cancel the phase before it. Thats why another verse that came afterwards said:"O ye who believe! Strong drink (alcohol) and games of chance (gambling) and idols and divining arrows are only an infamy of Satan's handiwork. Leave it aside in order that ye may succeed"

Why was these verses contradicting? Well because people used to drink before Mohammed, and Islam never gave out orders at once, but gradualy so people would adapt to it.

Also to add another thing, Muslims do not only base their beleifs and actions on the Quraan alone, but also on the "Sunna" which is the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed Peace be upon him. And in his teachings, I can give you so many examples about peace and about the manners of war... If you wish to know that is.

2:42 PM  
Blogger Sir Henry Morgan said...


If the best you can both come up with between you is a bit of tu coq, a little taqiyya, and ad hominem attacks then I see no point in continuing this conversation.

Address the issue instead of trying to divert the matter off onto other things. I've got other things to do - think about my next poke at Islam, for starters.

Notice you kept well clear of the history of the expansion of Islam, despite you being the one to raise it. If you read my earlier posts you'll find several references to violent ahadith (yes, I do know there's more to it than just the Koran). You asked for just one. You might also like to note in that context that two men on trial in this country were acquitted partly through producing evidence from Islamic texts that Islam was, as they had described "... wicked and vicious ...".

Now you give me one example of a country that became Islamic as a consequence of peaceful dawa. You can include Saudi Arabia itself, if you like. It has been expansion by the sword only. Never anything but.

Shall we look at the life of Mohammed himself? I don't know why anyone says "peace be upon him", because in his own lifetime he gave precious little peace to anyone else.

Ah yes, the old "isn't properly translated". Next it'll be "context". We in the West have had these same arguments repeated for years now. They don't wash any more. It wasn't rabid Buddhists who murdered 3000 poeple in New York. Definitely not crazy Hindus who murdered 200 in Madrid. Nor insane Jews who murdered 50 people on London Transport. I doubt it was screaming Sikhs murdered a couple of hundred more in Bali. And I'm sure it's not violence-prone Christians who behead innocent people on camera while chanting Koranic verses.

Anyway - you seem to be succeeding in diverting me ... no more; address the issue. I cannot afford any more time with the two of you: I have an examination tomorrow and must finish off some revision. No, I'm not an 18yr-old student - I'm triple that age (and spent eight years in the Islamic parts of the world).

5:25 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I agree with Sir Henry (for once!) that there is no use debating this here, no one seems to be convinced with what the other is saying... and I am ok with that, because we were told in the Quraan that neither Christians nor Jews will be pleased with you till you follow their religion.

No need to reply, I am not coming back here. Poke as much at Islam as you want Henry, you are just wasting your time and only little will read or beleive your thoughts (most probably the Brits only anyways)

Thanks, and bye-bye

7:10 AM  
Blogger Bookworm said...

You are brilliant and charming. Is there an army out there like you? Otherwise, I fear you're fighting one of those desperate rearguard actions with little hope of victory. Nevertheless, I'll help you fight the good fight by passing on your observations at my own blog (which is no longer Blogger, but which can be found at bookwormroom.wordpress.com).

4:33 PM  
Blogger Sir Henry Morgan said...


I like to think that said army will appear from the British population at the last moment. That thought keeps me going.


Yes - in conjunction with reports from elsewhere. I read that entire Sandmonkey thread. Learned a lot. Next time I do something like this I'll make it a bit more watertight. As I said on an earlier post, my problem isn't with the vast bulk of individual Muslims; they are good and bad same as the rest of us. It's with ISLAM. Unfortunately, it's those individual Muslims who carry Islam around inside their heads, and when the jihadis come along and say you have to do this or support that, then quote the relevant part of the Koran/ahadith, the ordinary Muslims have no choice but to do as suggested.

I believe Islam cannot live alongside any other belief (or non-belief) system in peace. It is compelled to dominate. I agree with what PD111 has repeatedly said: Islam and everyone else should separate - Muslims in their parts of the world, everyone else in their parts. There's no good reason we can't get on as neighbours and trading partners once they get it out of their heads that they are NOT going to rule the world. There's no need to be inhumane about deporting them all back to the Ummah - we could make it financially attractive to them (with a big stick hidden in the cupboard).

As for Godseeker and Usualsuspect - all they had was a bit of taqiyya (no violence in the Koranic texts), some tu coq (what about what all the Brit immigrants into Australia get up to), and a bit of ad hominem attack(dancing ...). They didn't like the message, which, despite the holes in my study (the confounds), is, I believe, a fair representation of the real world.

We have to separate entirely - let them keep and feed their own over-population instead of passing it on to we in the West. I notice not many of them emigrate to the Congo. I wonder why that is? Could Western state benefits have anything to do with it.

Better stop, this is turning into a rant, and though I do enjoy a good rant now and again, this is not the place for it.

7:33 PM  
Blogger Sir Henry Morgan said...

m al content

Yes. Knew about that. And because of the way the law there works, something like 80% of the women in jail (100 lashes standard too) are there because they reported being raped, but were unable to produce four male witnesses (of reputable moral standing) to the actual penetration; so their report of being raped gets turned into a confession of sex outside marriage.

Anyway, what decent man - never mind four together - could witness a rape occurring and not intervene?

Separation: them in their lands and us in ours.

12:05 AM  
Blogger Sir Henry Morgan said...


Yes sir, you're right: there are weaknesses in this work, and more than that which you describe. But the consistency is remarkable, and I just had to go with it. Not just the consistency within the work here, but also with reports from all over the world.

I prefer to stick with the ideological issue, that being our immediate threat, rather than go into the issue of race, which is, I confess, something I do feel rather uncomfortable talking about. However, in light of what you said about the American study, then you might care to go through the crime data for Lambeth over the past six years, then check it against the demographic data ... Lambeth contains a large concentration of afro-carribeans, as any Londoner knows.

My immediate concern though, is Islam, because this is what's killing people, amongst the other things it does; and it is Islam that is an immediate threat to our British way of life. That way of life is far from perfect, but it's infinitely better than the Islamic alternative.

I feel that sooner or later all Islamic immigration will be brought to a dead stop - and the only way the PC brigade will be able to countenance doing that will be by making it non-discriminatory i.e. stop ALL immigration. It'll be just as well: we are a small island, and already extremely overcrowded. I believe our total population should be at a level (and our industrial capacity, but that's another issue) where we could, if necessary, again "stand alone", and still be able to feed all our people from our own land.

One way or another, it's all coming to a head.

12:48 PM  
Blogger Sir Henry Morgan said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12:54 PM  
Blogger Sir Henry Morgan said...

This is a correction from my immediately preceding deleted post.


(indeed, everyone) go take a look at this. He's talking about America, but it applies everywhere there is large-scale immigration:


12:57 PM  
Blogger mortalmuslim said...

Oh!so u r judging Islam from the number of crimes"so called british muslims" have done....How can u be so sure they r Muslims...Do all the muslims knw about islam as they ought to....
In Islam do u know the meaning of "jihad",the word most non mulsims are scared of.U always misunderstand it u think it means terrorism..and wat not.
Jihad means "struggle in the way of Allah" and "jihad bil qital" means holy fight.
The creator of this world is Allah the one and only God who is sustaining the whole world...So obviously The creator would only control His creation and He alone have rights to make rules to give life and to cause death.This creator claims that He created this earth and only His orders will be followed here...so He had enjoined Muslims to spread the message of Islam..
this is verse of Holy Quraan"Let there be no compulsion in religion" so no one is forcing any1 to follow Islam.
U claim that there r terrorist(jihadis) in palistine,afghanistan,Irag and kashmir!!well who attacked those countries in the first place .Cant Muslims defend their countries?dont they have any rights in their own countries?
In Islam adultery and fornication is considered as most eviul act.And its punishment is to throw the stones on the commiter until he dies!!Such a big crime it is so how can u claim that Islam teaches Muslims to commit this crime and that to in their holy Month!where is it written??
U cant blame the whole religion on the act of some Muslims who may not be muslims in reality,without any knowledge.
Hope u understand something And I will tell u wat The whole world is having open conspiracy against Islam.Why r only muslims being toruted or accused.By this u mean to say that the whole nonmuslim world is sinful??They never commit crime??U mean to say that only Muslims of the world r commiting crimes!!!!
Thats outragoues and I think no religion in the world allows its followers to insult and abuse other religions.every religion teaches peace and so does Islam.
The name of every religion is either on the founder or something else but the name "Islam" means peace and it is universal religion regardless of any cast creed or nationality.
i Think before criticising some one we should have the knowledge about it and i can tell that u dunt know about the basics of Islam.
thank u

12:34 PM  
Blogger Sir Henry Morgan said...

This is a lengthy comment. Sorry.


Sir, I never claimed to have found a causal relationship proving that Muslims were committing these crimes. Indeed, I specifically denied such a claim. All I claimed was that here are the crime levels, and here are the percentages of Muslims in the areas where these particular crime levels were occurring i.e. a series of correlations. Remarkable coincidences though, eh? These correlations were consistent between themselves, and also consistent with reports from other parts of the world where there are large numbers of Muslims lodged in amongst populations of kuffars. Gang rapes and harrassment in Australia, spiralling sex offence levels in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, co-inciding with increases in numbers of Muslims. "Tournantes" in the banlieux of France, mostly against Muslim women who start behaving too Western. "Smileys" in Holland (same), sexual grooming of underage girls in Leeds/Bradford. Appalling rape stories from Pakistan and Sudan. Sorry sir, it has to be more than mere co-incidence. Perhaps we could be more precise about all this if the police gathered - and published - non-personally-identifying information regarding perpetrators/victims of crime. But I suspect people like you would be amongst the first to protest against such a thing. I wonder why?

I guess nobody ever suspected that one day some smartass would come along and examine crime statistics alongside census data - after all, nobody has ever done it before, and in common with elites everywhere else in the world, our elites think the rest of us are incapable of thinking of such things for ourselves. It will be interesting to see what happens to the publication of crime data, also what questions are asked during censuses, in the future. Too late for that particular stable door, I'm afaraid. Islam is rumbled (a vernacular expression meaning "found out"), regarding its entire aims for the rest of the world, as well as it's behaviour towards the kuffar.

You believe in Allah - I believe in nothing. A life, any life whether spider, rat, cat, dog, pig, ape, monkey, fish or human is conceived, a bit of time passes, then it dies. That's it - oblivion. After dying is death, which is but a mirror-image of before conception (also death). Knowing that this life is all we have most probably makes me value life, both my own and that of others, far more than you do. That does not mean I would not willingly give up my life in defence of my own. Better to die on your feet than live on your knees.

And you have things wrong : I don't blame the religion for the acts of a few Muslims - I just blame the religion, full stop. I believe the biggest victims of Islam are the Muslims themselves. And on the practical level, wouldn't you agree that Muslims kill more other muslims than they kill infidels, and more than are killed by infidels.

Islam has a grisly history right from its very beginnings: in India alone it killed somewhere between 70-105 million human beings, destryed tens of thousands of temples and places of learning. And that's just India. And Islam makes no secret of the fact that it aims to rule the entire world. Makes no secret of the fact that wherever it is it will not accept a position subordinate to pre-existing culture and body of law. Makes no secret of the fact that it wishes to dominate.

Nowhere in the world where Islam is present in large numbers and neighbouring infidels is there peace. Nowhere. That is why I advocate complete separation - all Muslims to live in those parts of the world where Islam already dominates - non-Muslims to live in the other parts - and no more passing off the consequences of gross over-breeding to the rest of the world. You must cope with the consequences of your own behaviour within your own borders. I predict terrible famines.

You will never ever regain Israel (which was only taken by Islam from the Jews by force in the first place), you will never ever regain Spain. Shariah will never govern even one square inch of my country (Britain). Never ever. Get used to it. We reject your ideology in its entirety. It has no saving graces. Perhaps, one day, if it undergoes something resembling the Christian Enlightenment ... but that wont happen will it.

And before you launch any attack against Israel or any other part of the Western world with any hypothetical prospect at all of winning, I suggest you study well the story of Samson. Settle for what you already have. Both we and you will be a lot happier that way, and the world a lot more peaceful. Afghanistan? Iraq? Your young jihadis started all that when they murdered three thousand innocent people in New York. One more attack like that and I suspect Western restraint will vanish. Beware.

Finally: name me one country, just one, any one, where Islam has come to rule by peaceful means. Look back through the entire history from its very beginnings, and find me just one example. You can even include Arabia itself ... indeed, you can even include Mecca itself ... and Medina ...

Settle for what you have - you wont be getting any more.

I wont go into the character of Mohammed himself other than to say that if he was alive today, and living in this country, he would be locked away for life in a secure psychiatric facility as a schizophrenic, paranoid psychopath - absolutely the most dangerous kind of human being it is possible to find.

Quite apart from all the other obscenities in your holy texts, re: women and paedophilia, just as examples, there are 164 Jihad verses. Go here to read them all.


As a taster, below are a few samples. I find it rather difficult to believe that even one of them refer to "inner struggle".

9:005 ...slay the idolaters wherever you find them...take them captives and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush...

[2.216] Fighting is enjoined on you...[2.217]... fighting in it. Say: Fighting in it is a grave matter...persecution is graver than slaughter... [2.218]...strove hard in the way of Allah...

2:244 ...fight in the way of Allah

[3.152]...you slew them by His [Allah's] permission [during a Jihad battle]...[3.153] Pickthall: ...the messenger, in your rear, was calling you (to fight)...that which ye missed [war spoils]...

[3.157]...if you are slain in the way of Allah...mercy is better than what they amass [what those who stay home from Jihad receive – no booty on earth and no perks in heaven].

[4.75] ...fight in the way of Allah...

[4.76] Those who believe fight in the way of Allah, and those who disbelieve fight in the way of the Satan. Fight therefore against the friends of the Satan...

[4.89] ...take not from among them friends until they fly (their homes) in Allah’s way; but if they turn back [to their homes], then seize them and kill them wherever you find them..

[4.91]...seize them and kill them wherever you find them...

[4.101] Rodwell: And when ye go forth to war in the land, it shall be no crime in you to cut short your prayers, if ye fear lest the infidels come upon you; Verily, the infidels are your undoubted enemies!

[4.104]...be not weak hearted in pursuit of the enemy...

5:033 The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His apostle and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned [Pickthall and Yusuf Ali have "exiled" rather than "imprisoned"]

8:012 ...make firm those who believe. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.

[8.39] Shakir: ...fight with them until there is no more persecution and religion should be only for Allah...

8.67] It is not fit for a prophet that he should take captives unless he has fought and triumphed in the land;

9:005 ...slay the idolaters wherever you find them...take them captives and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush...

9:029 Fight those who do not believe in Allah...nor follow the religion of truth, out of those who have been given the Book, until they pay the tax in acknowledgment of superiority and they are in a state of subjection.

[9.38] ...Go forth in Allah's way [to Jihad]...

Set 44, Count 108 ...strive hard [Jihad] against the unbelievers and the hypocrites and be unyielding to them...

[9.123] ...fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you and let them find in you hardness...

24:055 Allah has promised to those of you who believe and do good that He will most certainly make them rulers in the earth [as a reward for going on Jihad (see K 024:053)]...

[33.26]...some [Jews] you killed and you took captive another part. [33.27]...He made you heirs to their [Jewish] land and their dwellings and their property, and (to) a land which you have not yet trodden...

33:050 ...those [captive women] whom your right hand possesses [i.e., by virtue of the sword used in Jihad] out of those whom Allah has given to you as prisoners of war...

47:004 ...when you meet in battle those who disbelieve, then smite the necks until when you have overcome them, then make (them) prisoners

47:035 Rodwell: Be not fainthearted then; and invite not the infidels to peace when ye have the upper hand

[48.15] Pickthall: ...when you set forth to capture booty...[48.16]...You shall soon be invited (to fight) against a people possessing mighty prowess; you will fight against them until they submit...[48.19] And much booty that they will capture. Allah is ever Mighty, Wise.

[48.21] Sale: And [he also promiseth you] other [spoils], which ye have not [yet] been able [to take]: But now hath God encompassed them [for you]; and God is almighty.

10:11 PM  
Blogger Sir Henry Morgan said...

Breaking news:

14yr-old girl just been gang-raped by "youths" in Germany.

13yr-old girl just been gang-raped by yet more "youths" in Zurich, Switzerland.

Also breaking news from Switzerland:

Swiss-born Muslim woman just been murdered by her new husband of four months, who her father imported from Pakistan for her. Apparently he killed her because " ... she had a mind of her own ...".

Ho hum ... another day in the life of ...

12:01 AM  
Blogger Sir Henry Morgan said...

Smashed her head in with a hammer. Makes a change from cutting throats. Fancy that, a Muslim with a bit of creativity.

12:02 AM  
Blogger mortalmuslim said...

"Nowhere in the world where Islam is present in large numbers and neighbouring infidels is there peace"
I live in KSA and I am quite peaceful here!
U say muslim women are being persucuted ur wrong!!I am a muslim woman I am getting all my rights and am happy to be one.
Listen sir u dunt believe in any God!so discussion with u is completely waste becoz U dont believe in the creator of life...A believing cristian would be better than u.
Inshallah Islam will conquer israeel one Day when Jesus will return to this earth Inshallah!!!
and u mentioned the ayahs of Quraan
I agree 100% Fight in the way of Allah......we are not suppose to fight for our selves but For our God's religion who will reward us but again u wont understand because u dont believe in the rewards and punishments of life after Death!!
The best way Which I can see for me is dunt waste my time here.islam gives a lot of importance on utilizing time in good activities so I will inshallah.I am very sorry to hear that u dunt valua human life!u think we have the same life as spiders cats dogs etc.Yes!a very common concept a Pets life is precious than any other human just because u dunt belive in spiritual development and u dunt understan that Human's have got mind which cats and dogs havent!!

3:12 PM  
Blogger Sir Henry Morgan said...


Ma'am (sorry about calling you sir), go read this, and follow all the links.

You neither understand nor like us and our behaviour; we neither understand nor like you and your behaviour. Better if we all kept to our own parts of the world. Wouldn't you agree?


5:01 PM  
Blogger Sir Henry Morgan said...


I don't value life?

You obviously did not read my reply to you.

5:03 PM  
Blogger mortalmuslim said...

yup!u r right we have different ways so no point of arguing!Its not leading us anywhere!

3:31 PM  
Blogger Radish said...

Wow. It's truly frightening to see it all laid out graphically.

And I think you're really onto something when people can't refute your arguments with anything other than "get a life." :)

5:28 PM  
Blogger Claire said...

Interesting data- don't doubt it a bit.

But, I do agree with DP111 that the data should be normalized to population. Then I believe your step function will sort itself out, and you will also see an even stronger "gap" between low % Muslim populations and higher% Muslim populations which will help your thesis.

8:14 PM  
Blogger Sir Henry Morgan said...


I will be coming back to this. Just suffering from number-fatigue at the moment. There are improvements to be made, and normalisation to population is the first.

In the meantime, I plan an essay or two focussing on persecution of various minorities in different Islamic countries over the past few years.

Pakistan first, I think.

10:36 PM  
Blogger Yorkshireminer said...

I keep popping in to see the state of play. You have had this comment up now two weeks 73 comments nearly all good, now 74 comments and during that time somewhere in the region of 2300 odd hits, if I do say it myself not bad for a welshman. mind you this week Gandalf has done rather well for himself, what a beautiful Granddaughter

1:44 AM  
Blogger Think! said...

Perfect piece of work!

2:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's quite frightening really, isn't it? Outstanding work; well done, sir.

Thanks for the "Immigration Gumballs" link, too.

Shame you don't believe in God, cause He's smiling on your war-work for the Side of Light. Gandhi said "God is Truth". He'd see your love of objective truth as an unconscious love of God. Either way, it's a credit to your shiny, atheistic soul.

Ciao fer now,

10:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's all the women's fault.
The world can't expect Muslim men not to act like wild monkees.

Ooh that Unni Wikan beotch is a pathetic and deranged moonbat, would she blame herself if she was raped? I highly doubt it.

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
rape is part of their culture

you simply must respect it
no matter how sick or vile

4:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am tempted to do my own little biased, unsound and totally useless statistical analysis of the number of British immigrants in Australia and crime rates

Well then stop blabbering, start calculating, and present something people can look at and discuss.

So far all we've seen from you are assertions backed by more assertions.

6:50 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Sir Henry - very nice - shall post and link. Data is data. Have you seen Mikko Ellila's posts? I don't recall entire url - http://mikkoellia.thinkertothinker.com

Give him a look and please leave a link to this post and to the "Apologies for my absence..."

I think he'd appreciate your work.

Thank you.

8:08 PM  
Blogger thumbritpom said...

i note that someone commented that you committed yourself to weeks of work so that only 'a few hundred' people would read it.It occurred to me that no significant piece of work/polemic etc that has been outside the considered boundary of debate has EVER quickly reached a mass forum.There are many however, that have, in time, had an enormous impact.This work seems to have this potential.keep it up.

7:23 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

This is garbage. Muslims - as a recent immigrant population - tend live in the poorer parts of London. And guess what? There is more crime - including sex crime - in poorer parts of London.

5:30 PM  
Blogger Electro-Kevin said...

Compelling stuff, Sir H - in need of a much wider audience.

8:30 PM  
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